Occupational Therapy helps people gain independence and improve their daily lives.   Occupational Therapy is a health profession that focuses on helping individuals attain and achieve functional independence in all areas of their lives.  Whether it’s health promotion, rehabilitation, or skill-building from birth or after an injury, occupational therapists use activities to promote brain development and create essential connections.

What is Teletherapy?

Teletherapy allows you to receive healthcare services, including occupational therapy from the comfort of your home.  Through online sessions, you can access the same high-quality care you’d receive in a clinic.  The utilization of telehealth enables the provision of medical and therapeutic services remotely, ensuring access to care and eliminating many of the barriers faced when trying to schedule in-person visits. 

How Does Occupational Teletherapy Work? 

Teletherapy sessions are designed to provide the same services as a clinic visit. The only change is the location. Sessions will be very similar to the sessions therapists provide when they are in the same room with the client.   Starting early builds foundational skills and sets individuals up for success.  Teletherapy OT helps clients feel empowered in their ability to care for themselves, to identify growth in their emotional regulation, their motor abilities, their sensory abilities and their cognitive functioning.  

Why choose All Care Therapy? 

At All Care Therapy, we blend compassion, expertise and innovative practices to help individuals thrive and receive the support they need to heal and grow.  Our therapists are skilled in treating feeding disorders,  self care skills, social-emotional challenges, musculoskeletal, cognitive, neurological and sensory disorders and more!   All Care therapists offer specialized treatment  in hand therapy, sensory integration, trauma informed care and many others.  It is highly probable to be matched with a therapist who is skilled in treating your individual concerns.  

Personalized and Family-Inclusive Care

At All Care Therapy, we deliver comprehensive, customizable, and personalized occupational therapy in real-time leading to faster goal attainment, positive outcomes, and reduced healthcare costs.  All Care therapists include parents and other caregivers in sessions.  This collaboration helps the families and caregivers learn valuable approaches and techniques to use in their daily routines supporting continued progress at home.  

Making Therapy Fun

Finally, occupational therapists are skilled at putting the “fun” in functional. Our goal is to make therapy enjoyable and meaningful.  By customizing sessions and creating a fun and friendly environment,  we ensure that therapy becomes a positive, welcomed part of your life.  

For more information or to schedule a session, contact All Care Therapy today. Your journey to better health and independence starts here!

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