Our Speech Therapy Program - video

How Does It Work?

partners with your medical group/IPA/school to provide pediatric telespeech online services. Our licensed speech therapists work face-to-face with children of all ages via our HIPPA compliant online system. Secure, live, and comprehensive, our online sessions include a vast library of therapy activities, tracking tools, and progress monitoring assessments to ensure that every patient is growing as expected. Our online system also provides access to video recorded sessions which can be used for practice at later times at the convenience of patients and their families.

Is Telespeech Right for Me?

Telespeech has been shown to be as effective as in-person sessions and now families have more options when it comes to scheduling. If you are wondering if telespeech is right for your child then consider the following:

  • Does the child/patient have any hearing, visual, or physical limitations that will interfere with their ability to use a computer?
  • Does the child/patient have difficulty following instructions?
  • Does the child/patient have the ability to sit in front of the computer for 30-60 min?
  • Does the child/patient have access to a computer, desktop, laptop, or iPad?
  • Does the child/patient have access to a high-speed internet connection?
  • Does the child/patient have access to a quiet, well-lit room without distractions?

What kind of services are available via?


This step helps to identify if your child/student is in need of speech therapy treatment.

Initial Assessment & Plan of Care

Your therapist will ask for a detailed medical history and identify the problem areas. A custom Plan of Care will be created to meet your child’s needs and help them reach specific goals.

Therapy Sessions

During these sessions, your child will work with the therapist towards his/her goals.

Backpack & Practise Sessions

The therapist will provide exercise programming that can be used at home as necessary. Parents/guardians will have access to practice-games and video clips.

What can patients and families expect?

We understand how stressful it can be meeting with a new therapist, especially for children. Online speech therapy services mean speech therapists and your child can see and hear each other but without the added stress of in-person interactions.

Families can expect:

  • A call once we have received your authorization form from your doctor/medical group.
  • We will share additional information about telespeech with you and conduct a pre-screening over the phone.
  • We will go over the session requirements. If you do not have a tablet device, offers a leasing option on tablets.
  • We discuss preferred appointment times and language preferences (Spanish-speaking therapists are available).
  • We will help you create your account in our online system.
  • You will receive a link for a practice session to make sure you are comfortable with the services.
  • The assigned therapist will deliver the required sessions on a weekly basis and request for more sessions if needed.
  • You will receive reminders for your appointment times via text and phone calls.

What are the benefits for children and their families?

If you are wondering what the benefits of services are, then consider the following:

  • Better outcomes. Online therapy helps children better absorb the lessons and skills being taught to them.
  • Improved compliance and participation. Better scheduling options means families can take advantage of these services.
  • Kids love it. Children love tech and the online world. Online therapy is a more enjoyable experience where they can participate in fun, game-based activities.
  • Parents are happier. Parents love to see the progress being made and all the fun their children are having.
  • Better communication and reporting. The online system allows for quicker and easier communication between patients and therapists.

How can I receive speech therapy services?

  • Patients should first visit a doctor who can help to identify and diagnose the problem.
  • Check with your insurance health plan to see if telespeech services are covered. Some insurers may not be familiar with telepractice and may ask for additional information.
  • Documents will be provided to the patient including consent forms and information regarding telepractice services.
  • If services are not covered by insurance, payments can be made in cash.