How It Works

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How It Works

Spend less time with paperwork and more time treating your patients:


  • Tele Speech offers Better outcomes.
  • No Travel time and cost for travel
  • Improved patient and parent focus during the session and for Home Exercise program.
  • Improved compliance and participation due to less travel and conflicting schedule mechanics.
  • Kids love it. Today’s kids have grown up with technology, and in many cases prefer the online environment. They are comfortable with computers, and love our fun, game-based activities. They often find the experience less intimidating than in-person interactions.
  • Parents are happier when their kids are happier. All parties are consistently very satisfied with the improved therapeutic outcomes.
  • Better communication and reporting.

All you need to begin providing services is a computer/laptop, webcam, headset and high speed internet.
You will then be partnered up with a dedicated Team member to help begin scheduling.
As a Tele you meet with the patients on your schedule via live video connection. Eluma provides technical support 24/7 for any technical issues.
You are a part of a community of other SLPs that work remotely and are focused on giving the best quality care possible.

Access Eluma the #1 tele platform for live, online therapy. This system provides unparalleled case management, compliance, content and assessments Receive tailored orientation Training and mentorship Join a community of other tele health professionals