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I Am a Therapist

All Care welcomes Therapists who are eager to make a difference in their community and work in an exciting and collaborative environment. We are hiring PT, ST, PTA’s and SLPA for telehealth and in all our locations. Come Join!!

I Am a Patient

We want each individual feel like the most important person in the world. We are committed to delivering quality therapy services in an environment where you’ll feel comfortable.


I Am a Collaborative Partner

We use cutting edge technologies & processes to deliver high quality care that is cost-effective for our patients. We are the preferred provider of major insurance companies & medical groups.

Patient Focused

Inspired Outcomes

All Care uses the latest techniques to provide therapy service for individuals with a wide range of conditions. As one of the largest providers of these services, we are skilled in meeting the unique needs of each person. Compassionate, skilled, and comprehensive, our Therapists treat patients in a friendly and conducive environment where they are most likely to be successful.

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Collaborative Value

The All Care team recognizes that healing does not occur in a bubble. Our therapy services are holistically designed to provide patients with the care they need in the environment they are most likely to succeed in. We take great pride in delivering customized therapy plans with a focus on:

Speech Therapy Services

Open Communication

We want our patients and their families to understand every step of the process. This plays a major role in the patient’s comfort level and the success of the treatment.
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One of the major benefits of All Care’s in-home therapy is the ability to have family and caregivers involved. This equips the people who are around the most with tools they need to minimize frustration and accelerate progress.
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Comprehensive Evaluation

We begin by conducting a thorough evaluation. The information gathered then guides the development of a custom therapy plan.
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Certified Therapists

Our licensed and certified Therapists are highly experienced working with a range of issues.