1-on-1 Therapy,
Tailored to You,


Get 24/7 access to speech, physical, and occupational therapists with All Care Therapies, the personalized care platform connecting you to outcome-based therapies, anytime, anywhere.

Find Value-Based Therapies In Your Area & Online

Physical Therapy

With a multitude of physical therapy modalities, procedures, and rehab programs, our Physical Therapists are prepared to treat a wide variety of diagnoses at any of our locations across 7 states.

Occupational Therapy

Whether you prefer treatment online through the All Care platform or in-person at one of our care facilities, we make it easy for you to access highly trained Occupational Therapists.

1-on-1 Speech Therapy,
Provided At Your Convenience

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All Care Therapies is revolutionizing access to speech therapy for you and your loved ones. 

With our powerful technology platform developed by SLPTele, Inc., you can access more than 300 speech language pathologists online from any location of your choosing–even from home–and with multiple languages supported, finding care that fits your life is as simple as logging in. 

Discover the Advantages of Teletherapy

Embraced by Clients

Do you have a child who’s developmentally delayed, 
or a loved one suffering from language issues? 

All Care Therapies connects you with comprehensive
1-on-1 therapy programs aimed at your specific condition. Get access to the care you need, whether
it’s in person or from the comfort of home.

Referred by Physicians 

Better outcomes for all. That’s the promise 
of therapy through All Care Therapies.

With an approach that’s firmly rooted in outcome-based data, we’re making it easier than ever for physicians to help their patients find affordable, effective, and life-changing care.

Change Lives, Not Your Lifestyle

Are you a Speech Language Pathologist, Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist searching for more flexibility? Whether you work part-time or full-time, All Care Therapies empowers you to work on your time. 

With our telehealth platform, you can connect with countless children and families who are otherwise unable to access quality therapy. In 1-on-1 sessions that maximize your ability to make a meaningful difference. 


Revolutionizing Access to Therapy for All

200+ Health Plans

With more than 200 health plans in the All Care Therapies network, we’re able to cover more individuals in more states than ever before. 

300+ Licensed
Language Pathologists

As the largest medically based teletherapy company in the U.S., we’re extending access to Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy for children and families from coast to coast.

Multilingual Therapists Available

With personalized care programs available in 10 languages, including Spanish, our platform opens the door for more people to receive the quality care they need.

Bringing Teletherapy

Our advanced technology platform significantly expands access to quality, personalized care by making therapy available virtually anywhere.

See How ACT Teletherapy Works

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Whether you’re a physician, physician assistant, therapist, dentist, nurse practitioner, parent, patient, or health plan representative, we’re here for you.

We actively work towards a workplace where:

  • Every team member has access to equitable opportunities for professional growth and advancement.
  • Differences are celebrated and seen as fundamental to our innovation and effectiveness.
  • Inclusivity is the default, not the exception, ensuring everyone has the support they need to succeed.
  • All employees feel valued and empowered to contribute their best, irrespective of race, gender, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

We are equally committed to making our therapies accessible to all patients, recognizing that a spectrum of voices enriches both our professional environment and the quality of care we offer. We stand united in creating a community where everyone, from our employees to our patients, can thrive.